Tips To Throwing The Best Party

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There are many occasions to celebrate in life whether it’s a birthday, graduation, wedding, anniversary or a promotion. What better way to celebrate life than by hosting a party to your loved ones. In order to have the best time possible at your bash, plan it carefully while taking following tips to mind.


Invite guests of varying backgrounds, age groups and interests. A good mixture of people can make the bash more vibrant and fun. It not only allows people to make new acquaintances but also to open their minds into new ideas and experiences that they have not heard before. Use the help of social media or the internet to send invites electronically. This will save your time and energy and also make it easier for the guests to send their responses.


Choose an appropriate venue for the party. You can decide where you want to have the party; whether indoors or outdoors, at home or your favourite restaurant. If you are celebrating a birthday, pick a suitable spot from various kids birthday party venues that goes well with your theme. Make sure your venue can accommodate all your guests. If you are planning to have it outdoors, have a few tents standby just in case it rains. If you are planning to play loud music make sure you let your neighbours know beforehand and maybe invite them too. Timing of the party also plays an important role in deciding your venue. For example an evening garden tea party would be ideal to celebrate an engagement.


Have some activities planned out depending on the occasion you are celebrating and the age group you are catering to. While bouncy castles, face painting and musical chairs maybe a hit at kids parties, charades, raffle draws, and karaoke maybe more suitable for a grown up party. If it’s a bridal shower, you can have activities like nearly wed game or a bride and groom trivia. Always have music playing at your bash and even a dance floor if possible.

Food and beverages

No bash is complete without good booze and food. You can choose whether to have a buffet, finger foods or just order pizzas. But make sure there is plenty of it and they taste well. Also make sure to have a wide variety catering to all kind of palates like vegans, vegetarians or pescatarians! A bash is the ultimate social gathering. Make sure you interact with your guests and speak individually to each of them to make them feel welcome and show your gratitude for turning up. Make sure you participate in the activities and have a good time yourself because fun is infectious!

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